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Your Partner for titanium demands

Since 1999 BAVARIA Stahl und Metall Import/ Export supplies customers around the world with premium steel and metal directly from (worldwide) manufacturers. Through the years we have specialized in the procurement of high quality titanium and titanium alloys.

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We’re one of the leading suppliers for the import of titanium and already known as trusted business partner for every kind of titanium requirements throughout Europe. Because of our longterm business relations to qualified mills from Asia to the US and also Europe, we are able to deliver titanium alloys in every specifications. Our customers benefit from our long-standing experience in titanium alloys, so they can expect the best quality economically priced.

BAVARIA TITAN takes over the complete import of the material, including the purchase of semi-finishes products, the organization of the logistics as well as all other tasks regarding to customs. In addition to this, we care about machining and mechanical processing according to the customer requirement. From raw material right up to the finished parts out of drawings – we organize all machining’s of titanium.

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Best quality - straight from the manufacturer

High-performance materials as titanium (ti) are necessary in industries with high use, for example in the aerospace industry. Titanium is corrosion-resistant, light and at the same time very strong. Because of this special attributes the material is mainly used in high-performance sectors..

BAVARIA TITAN with its headquarter in Germany is your experienced partner for the import and export of titanium. We maintain best relationships with titanium mills in the whole world and we are still independent. Furthermore we appreciate the personal contact with all business partners - from China to America.

Different forms and dimensions

Companies all around Europe receive different products of titanium. BAVARIA TITAN supplies titanium products in a wide range of thicknesses and widths. Our customers will always get the best solutions for what they are looking for. We deliver the high-performance material in every specification our customer needs.

  • Titanium tube

  • Titanium rods

  • Titanium plates

  • Titanium wires

  • Titanium foils

  • Titanium fittings

If desired, we also carry out material or quality inspections, also according to customer-specific requirements.

Quality management

You have to fulfill particular specifications or need some certifications to use the material? We also support you in these matters. We offer solutions for DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 or EN 9120:2010 (AS 9120 A). Also specifications as ASTM, ASME, ASM are available upon request.

We are waiting for your first inquiry - convince yourself.

Bavaria Titan übernimmt Logistik & Zollmodalitäten

Logistic solutions


Titanium from the raw material up to the finished workpiece

Lager-Outsorcing und Materialmanagement

Outsourcing stock &
material management

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 Material portfolio 

Whatever plates, sheet metal, bands, wire, rods, profiles or pipes, we can help you meet your specific needs! Bavaria TITAN has the right titanium grades and suitable alloys for your application and necessary properties.

The following is an extract of our material portfolio. 

We have wide access to different titan stocks worldwide. Just send us your request and we'll find your material! Contact us directly via the contact form or by phone

  • Titanium Grade 1

    • 3.7024, 3.7025, Ti 99,8/ Ti 99,5; R50250

  • Titanium Grade 2

    • 3.7034, 3.7035, Ti 99,7, Ti 99,4; R50400

  • Titanium Grade 3

    • 3.7055, Ti 99,6; R50550

  • Titanium Grade 4

    • 3.7065, Ti 99,4/ Ti 99,2, R50700

  • Titanium Grade 5          

    • 3.7164, 3.7165, Ti6Al4V; R56400, ASTM B265/ ASTM B348

  • Titanium Grade 6

    • Ti5Al2,5Sn; R54520

  • Titanium Grade 7

    • 3.7235, Ti2Pd; R52400

  • Titanium Grade 9

    • 3.7195, TI3Al2,5V; R56320, ASTM B338

  • Titanium Grade 11

    • 3.7225; R52550

  • Titanium Grade 12

    • 3.7105, Ti3Al1,5Mn; R53400

  • Titanium Grade 23        

    • 3.7165, Ti6Al4V ELI; R56401



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Fax: + 49 9172 66 74 57

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